Osaka Travel with Kid! Mar 2018- Day 6: Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

The next morning, we took the JR Kyoto line to Arashiyama station (560 yen).

Some food trucks right outside if you’re feeling pecky…

The dogs are so cute~ I think this is the shiba breed?

It took us some time to find the bus-stop that goes to the famous Bamboo Forest. Basically once you see this building with the word “coffee”, go down the side road as seen on the left of the photo.

Another photo so you can see the road clearly.

Walk down along this road…

You’ll see this shop selling liquor. On the left side of the photo, along the road, there’s a very small bus-stop that has buses going to the bamboo grove.

Another angle. You see where the car is heading? That’s the direction you should be going.

The buses looked like this.

It’s actually only a 5 mins or so bus ride, thus you can totally walk to the Bamboo forest if you’re confident where you are going.

We alighted here as you can only walk here from thereon.

Rather crowded street! You can see people dressed up in yukatas all around~

Just follow the crowd…

This is not it, carry on walking…

There’s a small park along the way so we sidestepped a bit to let the kiddo have a rest. They ended up playing on the slide~ lol~ It’s at least a 20 mins or so walk before we reached the refreshments area of the grove~

There’s another train station here, but too bad it’s not leading to where we came from.

Finally we’re seeing the entrance of the grove!

And here it is! Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, touted to be one of the places you should visit before you die on various online sites.

To be very honest, would I regret not seeing this before I die?


Probably cos it’s teeming with tourists, it lacked the serenity that the bamboo grove should have. Or maybe cos I just don’t see the appeal of tall bamboo groves. I dunno.

But since we came a long way, we should take pictures.

Oliver became our photographer.

Just when we exited the grove, we saw the Tenryu-ji temple.

The admission fees.

Totally wasn’t planning to enter the premises, but something caught our eye!

We quickly entered the garden…

Do you see it?

Closer look…

Cherry Blossoms!

This was our first time ever seeing cherry blossoms so we got so excited we paid the admission fees to go into the garden and take pictures, lol~ Silly, I know. Since there’s tons of chances to see them for free, but oei! Alot of things can happen between now and never, so we just had to do it!

The flowers have barely blossomed though~

More flowers! Can you imagine the gloriousness had we came when they were in full bloom?

I don’t even know what this flower is called but it looks kinda cool.

Pretty sure I’ve seen this before in Singapore. But I have no idea what’s the name, sorry~ LOL~

Some flowers comes with signs so you can at least identify what they are.

Times when I wished I brought a DSLR cos I don’t think my phone camera did this place any justice.

It’s pretty serene in here actually, compared to when we were in the Bamboo Forest. Probably cos this costs money to come in and it filtered out alot of tourists, lol~

The temple is flanked by two sakura trees.

It’s really a flowers haven~

We sat in front of the temple to have some snacks. This was our view.

Thank God for all the beauty in life and the opportunity for us to see it.

We spent almost an hour in here (totally veering off our itinerary, but who cares, this is the perk of free and easy tours, kekeke).

A commemorative family photo. Under the sakaru tree, no less!

We exited the place~ There’s people selling bamboo dragonflies~

Also came across one of the hardworking rickshaw pullers…

A shrine selling all kinds of lucky charms~

If you’re into the wishing stuff…

Next up, lunch!


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