Osaka Travel with Kid! Mar 2018- Day 6: Rilakkuma, Soba Noodles at Arashiyama Kyoto

After all that walking, we deserve some ice-cream to replace the calories lost.

Walking along the street to find lunch…

Distracted by this shop~

These are so cute I almost bought one of those hanging ornaments~

Fortunately, my rational side won over~

Kyoto is, in a nutshell, a very charming place.

I’m not a Rilakkuma fan but this place is just screaming of kawaii-ness~

It’s a miracle I didn’t buy any of these~

I bought the chopsticks though~

I later realized there’s a cafe on the 2nd storey~ /facepalms/

Anyway, this is the shop we were looking for- Arashiyama Yoshimura!

It serves soba noodles~ And if you can read Chinese, there’s a big “荞麦” on the curtain, which means buckwheat.

Gotta take off your shoes here~

We were led to a private dining room with two tables. I fathomed this is where they usually place guests with children cos later we were joined by a Korean family with kids.

After some 20 mins or so~

Pricey but good meal regardless~

The view outside is splendid.

We just strolled around~

And lo and behold~ We saw more cherry blossoms!

Since we’ve already noted the way back during our arrival, we returned to the train station by walking.

Saying goodbye to Hullo Kitty!

I’ve always heard about the beauty of Kyoto from others and I must say, they were absolutely right~ It’s a pity we weren’t able to visit Nishiki market and Fushimi Inari Shrine as it’s getting late.

We might revisit Kyoto again!

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