Osaka Travel with Kid! Mar 2018- Day 6 & 7: Shopping at Lukua Osaka + Osaka Castle

We took the train back to Osaka. There’s a pretty cafe near where we were staying but that’s not where we were going to have dinner.

We headed to Lukua Osaka near the Osaka station. There’s three major shopping malls here and we got a bit confused, lol~

Bought this Ettusan’s pore care wash cos GUDETAMA! LOL~ But turns out it’s pretty good! I like the smell and it’s very foamy, costs around SG$19. I also fell in love with this NOV UV milk lotion (SG$27). It is a very light sunscreen and doesn’t feel sticky, perfect for Singapore’s humid weather. These 2 totalled ¥3780 (SG$45) after tax.

Did some window shopping~

Q-Pot! I got to know of this brand cos of my previous hobby- collecting Blythe dolls.

Almost bought this Jennifer Sky bagpack but it’s actually smaller than what I needed. Fortunately I managed to hold back!

Moomin customisable watches!

The boys left me to shop and went to Pokemon center.

We gathered again to have dinner at the basement food hall.


Cheese bakes but we didn’t feel like eating more~

There’s a weird thing I noticed while here- We came across two fainting incidents. One was when we were going through the subway connecting walkways. A very young pretty lady walking in front of us suddenly fainted. We immediately stopped to help and two other passer-bys also came over. They were speaking to us in Japanese and we didn’t understand a thing, only telling them we didn’t know the lady and would they please call for help.

Second was when we passed by a shopping center and noticed a few people kneeling around a young man who’s lying on the floor, motionless. At first I thought it’s some kind of drill, but realized quickly the man really was unconscious.

What is it with Osaka people fainting here?

K said it could be the weather.

The next day, we walked to the Osaka castle!

Passed by NHK and after 20 mins or so~ We arrived!

You can choose to take an electric car around the site (payable).

Or like us, just continue walking~

There’s quite a number of people around in the late morning.

This is the inside.

We have the Osaka pass, so we can directly exchange free tickets to gain admission to various areas.

More sakura flowers!

The main castle in the distance…

So pretty…

As you can see, the area is really vast so it’s a very comfortable (but long) stroll.

Met a samurai!

It’s a longggggggg queue into this castle, about 45 mins? I wouldn’t have wanted to go in had I been alone but K wanted to see what’s inside so we did~ Most floors don’t allow photography so I didn’t bother.

For a price, you can also put on samurai costumes and take pictures.

Wishing well~

Beside the castle there’s a short storey mall~

You can play darts here~

Buy samurai chopsticks…

We’re more interested in food.

Got this rikyuyaki, it’s basically sweet bean paste in wrapped pancake roll. You can give it a miss though.

Next up, we’re going to a destination very suitable for kids! Go >>>

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