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Osaka Travel with Kid! Mar 2018- Day 7: Cup Noodles Museum, Hep 5 Ferris Wheel & Ten-nen Onsen

We took the train to Ikeda station and had lunch at a random sushi restaurant near the Cup Noodles Museum.

The signage is very clear so we had no problem finding the place.

Just a short walk down the road and voila!

We are here to make our very own cup noodles!

There’s no entrance fee for the Osaka branch, you only need to purchase a cup (¥300) at the vending machine.

Sanitize your hands…

And then sit down to customise your cup noodles with the colourful markers provided!

Gudetama was mine…

Our creations!

We lined up in the queue for about 35 mins before it’s our turn. As we arrived rather late in the afternoon (it closes at 430pm, last admission is at 330pm, closed on Tuesdays), the crowd was already dwindling.

Choose your own ingredients! (Up to 5)

Then watch it being packaged in front of your eyes! Click on the video below to see!

We then packed it in a vacuum bag pumped up with air to prevent squashing.


There’s another floor below.

And a level where you learn about the history of the cup noodles.

HUGE cup noodles display!

Also some mementoes to bring back if you’d like.

We were happy enough with our cup noodles though~ Got some dangos at the train station before we headed for dinner…

It’s cheap and delicious!

Rice cakes in sweet and slightly salted sauce~

Our dinner was at Ichiran Ramen!

The individual booths are perfect for solo travellers.

I don’t really get the hype for Ichiran noodles, to be honest. It’s very normal tasting ramen for me, lol~

Since we had the Osaka pass, we went for the HEP 5 Ferris ride after dinner.

Another perk of the Osaka Pass, free onsen! It’s a short train ride and 10 mins walk from our house to the Ten-nen Onsen Naniwa no Yu.

There’s a sort of karaoke in the same building and cigarette smoke wafting around, not exactly the best place to bring a young kid I supposed. Anyway, we headed directly for the hot spring and it’s slightly more family-friendly there.

It’s a rather small area.

Surprisingly, the hot spring was more rejuvenating than I thought. After about 20 mins of bath, the warmth filled us right up and though it’s less than 10 degrees out, we didn’t feel that cold anymore. I wasn’t even shivering despite not having my scarf around my neck!

Do note the Osaka Pass only allows you one free entry. We returned for a second bath the next day but that was payable, about SG$12 or so.

Next up, Legoland!

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