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Osaka Travel with Kid! Mar 2018- Day 8: Legoland Discovery center Osaka

In the morning, we took the train to Osakako station. Follow the map!

A 6-8 mins walk will take you to the Tempozan Ferris Wheel.

You can’t miss it cos it’s huge~


We were here for Legoland!

Also passed by this Milky soft cream shop. Wow, this is some really old school Japanese snack character.


Up ahead, there’s the Osaka Aquarium which we would visit as well.

But before that, let’s enter the Tempozan marketplace.

This is basically a shopping mall and surprisingly, there’s quite a variety of shops~ I almost bought some clothing (which is totally weird cos I didn’t get anything at the Lukua area and there’s like, three malls there) cos it’s within reasonable pricing (SG$20-30+), but I needed more time to properly browse through. Unfortunately, we hadn’t factored in time for any shopping so I decided to keep to the itinerary instead.

On the second level, it’s the Legoland Discovery Center! This is a Lego blocks themed interactive attraction.

Entry is free for Osaka Amazing Pass holders~

Entering the premises…

Immediately, we were greeted by interactive screens.

And of course everything is in Japanese so we didn’t understand a thing, but it should be a story about how Lego came about, I guess? LOL~

Yes, there are RIDES in this theme park, how cool is that? I didn’t expect it, I thought it’s just gonna be some toy store of sorts.

It’s a very easy shooting game~

Yes I know it says “No Photography” but I didn’t realize it until I took the picture, lol~

There’s also a room where you can play with the transport themed Legos~

Lockers available for a fee if you need to put aside your bulky belongings.

Stroller park!

A fire dragon~

Merlin’s Apprentice joyride!

This is the indoor playground~

You can also build your own Lego cars~

And race against others!

More Legos to build!

You can stack up your own buildings and press a button to see how your creation stands up against the earthquake!

This place is pretty big.

You can watch TV here~

Go on slides…

Pretend to mail out stuff~

There’s also a cafe area.

At theme park (exorbitant) prices no less~

The Japanese really pays attention to details, look at the cutlery area! It’s also made of Lego blocks~

Individual rooms available. I think these can also be used for private parties?

There’s also a workshop going on~

After Oliver played around for a while, we lined up for the Merlin’s Apprentice ride.

As you can see, it doesn’t go very fast. But O’s scared of heights so he was nervous anyway~

There’s also a theatre! Pay attention to the available showtimes so you can time your playtime properly.

He really enjoyed the movie though~ You don’t have to know Japanese to understand this one cos the characters were uttering gibberish, perfect for toddlers as well, lol~

After we exited the theatre, there’s also the Osaka iconic landmarks room.

Lego Tempozan Ferris Wheel~

Lego Osaka Castle…

Even a sumo wrestling match you can control and play against each other!

Time to go!

You can buy all sorts of Lego merchandises here including cake pans, haha! So cute!

We only stayed about 2.5 hours there, which was pretty short. Oliver can probably play another 2 hours there, and if you factor in lunch, you can definitely spend half a day merely in the center.

If you consider the regular price (online price: ¥1600/pax), which is about SG$20/pax (children below 2 years old goes for free), it certainly makes more sense to spend a longer time there to make your money’s worth. The crowd was, in my opinion, still acceptable. Max waiting time for each ride was around 20 mins.

More details on Legoland admission fees here.

Remember to flash your Osaka Amazing Pass to get a 20% discount off the Lego merchandises!

Before heading to our next destination, we freshened up with some quick lunch in the mall!

Very forgettable meal but it’s enough to energize us for the next destination! Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan!

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