Osaka Travel with Kid! Mar 2018- Day 8 & 9 (Last Day!): Tempozan Ferris Wheel and Rikuro Ojisan Cheesecake

On our way out from the Osaka Kaiyukan, we picked up this discount coupon booklet. Too bad it’s already nearing the end of our trip and we didn’t have much use for it.

As it’s drizzling lightly and nearing evening, there’s not many people in the queue so we got on the Tempozan Ferris Wheel in about 15 mins.

The view from above!

We had a simple dinner and headed home.

And alas, it’s our last day at Osaka!

We visited Umeda near our apartment for lunch. Some window shopping…

Sanrio shop!

The Gudetama’s selection wasn’t as wide as I hoped though.

Also bought the famous Rikuro Ojisan Cheesecake. Since they were having a promotion, we got the strawberry shortcake as well.

It’s nice, but not exactly mind-blowing?

And I didn’t realize the strawberry cake has got bananas in it (which I dislike), so it’s a nope for me. Very classic tasting Japanese strawberry cake.

I love visiting Japanese food halls to gawk at the delicate desserts…

And we tried this Godiva raspberry tart! Maybe cos I like the combination of raspberry and chocolate, I think it’s pretty nice.

We chanced upon the Pompompurin cafe!

More kawaii-ness!

There’s also a Pokemon store nearby that the boys visited but I was busy shopping for shoes, lol~

It’s on the same level as the Pompompurin cafe and sells very comfortable and affordable shoes made in Japan. The store name is in Japanese (シューファンタジー) and I forgot to take a pic but here’s how the storefront looked like (picture from Google).

I got this super comfortable maryjane for less than SG$50 (It feels like pigskin lining).

And cos we loved the colander at our Airbnb so much, we bought one exactly the same at the lifestyles store Nitori, lol~

A treat to go before we go back!

On a final note, I wouldn’t peg Osaka as a particularly exciting place. Especially if you’ve been to other places in Japan. Out of the entire trip, my favourite part was in Nara (for the deers) and Kyoto (for the beauty).

Attractions: I don’t enjoy queuing at theme parks so the Universal Studios, although a must-go, isn’t somewhere I’ll visit again (alot of the rides are in Japanese so if you don’t understand the language, it mars the experience a bit, I feel). The Cup Noodles Museum is surprisingly interesting for me (maybe cos I’m such a foodie) and if you have Ninja-Go-loving kids, I’ll highly recommend the Legoland discovery center as it’s well curated.

Food: Do try Pablo at least once! It’s rather worth the calories for me. I enjoyed the Takeru beef cutlet as well but the tight space and queue will make me re-think.

Shopping: Your best bet will be the underground malls connecting train stations. I didn’t find anything that wouldn’t crack my bank at Lukua. Umeda is slightly better cos of Nitori and some wallet-friendly shops.

Personally, this trip was quite a challenge for me cos though I’ve provided a lot of leeway in terms of schedules, there’s still a couple of meltdowns from Oliver. I’m not sure whether it’s cos he’s at a certain phase or what, but he was certainly much easier to manage during Disneyland L.A. Just be prepared that with a child, there’ll always be unpredictable circumstances and you’ll constantly be honing your parenting skills. 🙂


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