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Osaka Travel with Kid! Mar 2018- Day 8: Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

It’s around mid-afternoon when we visited Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan.

A look at the regular prices.

With the Osaka Amazing Pass, you have a ¥100 discount per tix using the Toku coupon (provided when you bought the pass).

Entering the aquarium! Here’s the feeding times guide!

There’s something very therapeutic about watching sea creatures; Weightless and calming.

Look at the “smile” the stingray’s spotting!

I don’t remember what fish this is called but it looks kinda adorable~

This penguin was literally standing there, motionless, as if posing for us, keke~

Dolphin feeding! I couldn’t get good pictures cos it’s literally moving all the time and everything came out blurred in my phone, lol~

And now for the “superstar” of the Osaka Aquarium- The largest fish species in the world:

Whale Shark!

See it in motion below!

We watched the feeding for a while before moving on and I’m actually quite surprised Oliver enjoyed himself very much, he was pretty fascinated with some of the sea creatures~

I promise you this spotted ray looks sooooooooo much better in person, my phone camera served it no justice.

Hullo Nemo & friends!

They literally have all the Finding Nemo characters here!

This little fellow and his friends were literally stuck in the sand and he just kept… Waving around. It’s amusing to watch.

A fast shot of the big turtle.

The jellyfish hall simply looked mystical. The whole hall was dark with tiny spotlights in each tank and they look like mini galaxies…

We had a leisurely time at the aquarium and it helps that the place wasn’t too crowded. On to our last ride of the trip! Next page >>> 

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