Places to Bring your Kids

Visit to Universal Studios Singapore!

This is a very backdated post lol~ K got some complimentary tickets from his company last year and we visited Universal Studios Singapore for the first time!

Which was kinda ironic cos we’ve been to Los Angeles and Osaka’s Universal Studios but never the one in our own country, lol~

So here’s some snapshots!

The queue into the park was already really long so we only got in around after 20 mins, when they opened up more counters.

Posing with Hello Kitty! The weather’s really hot!

We went for Elmo’s ride~ It’s perfect for very young children cos you are just looking at various installations and interacting with Elmo on the screen.

Lunch was burgers! You probably already know that food in theme parks cost like, an arm and a leg so let’s just say, the food was decent enough. πŸ™‚

O’s favourite Sesame character. πŸ™‚

We caught the Elmo’s show! (also to escape the heat, heh heh)

The Transformers’s ride was down for a while but we managed to catch it when it came back up~

There’s a meet-and-greet session for Transformers but after lining up for 20 mins, O suddenly gave up queuing. I suspect it’s gotta do with the unrelenting sun. We had a glimpse of Bumblebee when it finally came out though. And I must say, after seeing the one in LA, the others kinda pale in comparison. The one in LA could move and talk exactly like Bumblebee in the movie! Although the one in Singapore is well-made, it couldn’t really talk.

No scary rides for us cos we are all scaredy cats, lol~

We stood around to watch the dinosaur show~

Caught the Shrek’s 4D adventure (again)~ Then went for the Waterworld’s show!

The performers are all so fit! The show include gravity-defying moves and some really dangerous stunts.

After the show, we caught the Puss in Boots ride, which was one of the few rides we’ve yet toΒ  experience in other parks. Although it’s a rollercoaster, it’s not as heart-stopping and even O enjoyed the ride tremendously, to his own surprise, lol~

The queue was about 1+ hour long though…

Boat ride at Madagascar!

We went for a dessert break at the cafe and I must say, this Shrek’s waffle with ice-cream is surprisingly delicious!

We got on a spinning ride before the day came to an end.

Donkey’s show! It’s really boring though. But we didn’t want to join long queues, so we opted to just slip into an air-conditioned theater, lol~

And… O’s last ride of the day.

The show timings! In case you’re interested~

And that’s all for our visit to USS!

It’s a really enjoyable day, downsides being: THE HEAT! We were literally baking in the sun, my goodness.

Comparatively, Universal Studios Singapore is definitely smaller. But that also means you don’t walk as much? The queues are still notoriously long, as like any other theme parks we’ve gone to, which probably would be the one good reason I dislike them.

However, unlike when I’m in other countries, I’m more well-rested, and I think that does affect my mood a bit. Generally, the familiarity and the knowledge that I’m going home to my own bed comforts me a little? LOL~

I also really highly recommend going to Sentosa if you have overseas friends coming over, especially if they have kids. The place has gone through quite a lot of changes and very family-friendly. Not only is there Kidzania, USS, there’s also the Palawan beach with a beautiful grass area when we visited during the Sanrio Funfest recently, perfect for evening strolls and picnics. If they can’t stand the heat, they can always steal into the megamall Vivocity, lol~


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