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ABC Cooking Studio Singapore Review

I’ve been looking at improving my baking skills and decided to take up a course. I had narrowed down my choices to Creative Culinaire (cos I’ve friends who went for the course and they made pretty awesome cakes) and ABC Cooking Studio. An old customer (back when I was still doing jewelry business) named Grace… Continue reading ABC Cooking Studio Singapore Review

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Charcoal Burger Buns recipe

I’m back with a charcoal burger bun recipe! They look gorgeous don’t they? I paired them off with lettuce, pan-fried chicken patties and tomato slices. I’m not that satisfied with the taste of the chicken patties so I’ll probably work on it and share the recipe next time. Today’s main lead is the charcoal bun!… Continue reading Charcoal Burger Buns recipe

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A very Happy Gudetama Birthday to Me!

My birthday’s not in Dec, this is a very belated post, LOL~ But anywayz! I celebrated my 36th birthday two months later this year because I came down with a very bad illness called mycoplasma in May. It’s my worst case of sickness yet- I fainted in the toilet, couldn’t eat, couldn’t move, nursing a… Continue reading A very Happy Gudetama Birthday to Me!

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Rose Cake with buttercream frosting & pistachios

It’s Mother’s Day last Sunday so I baked myself a cake. I’ve had this rose cupcakes recipe in my folders for quite a while which I saw from a baking book but only got around to doing it today. Might be cos it’s originally a cupcakes recipe? The cake is denser than I thought and the… Continue reading Rose Cake with buttercream frosting & pistachios

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Chocolate Pancakes with Strawberries & custard

I saw these folded strawberry pancakes in a Japanese food market the other day and thought they looked absolutely appetizing. Though I’m more of a chocolate lover so I decided to do up my own version of chocolate pancakes~ This is a very quick and easy version. My son enjoyed this dessert very much. If… Continue reading Chocolate Pancakes with Strawberries & custard

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Matcha Cake with Adzuki beans filling

I miss the Matcha cake from Miss V bakery in Taipei~ So I tried making my own. The taste isn’t similar, but I guess it sort of curbed my craving for a while! Matcha cake with adzuki beans, coated with almonds and sprinkle of dried osmanthus flowers. I hadn’t actually planned on adding almonds but it’s nearing expiry and… Continue reading Matcha Cake with Adzuki beans filling

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Abalone Mentaiko Pasta (10 minutes recipe)

I’ve been wondering how to make mentaiko (pollock roe) dishes for quite a while and happened to see some spicy mentaiko at Fairprice the other day for $5.90. I used half of it for some salmon sashimi and cos there’s still some abalone leftover from Chinese New Year, I decided to make abalone mentaiko pasta!… Continue reading Abalone Mentaiko Pasta (10 minutes recipe)