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Matcha & Earl Grey Ice-cream Mini donuts

It’s not even May but Singapore is already feeling the heat. The kind of heat that makes you perspire even when you’re just standing there and not moving an inch. Ice-cream is a perfect distraction. I so happened to come across some Earl Grey powder in Sun Lik the other day and decided to make… Continue reading Matcha & Earl Grey Ice-cream Mini donuts

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Totoro Pull-apart Bread (Tangzhong method)

When I first started making bread, I shied away from the tangzhong method though it’s famed for making bread softer, as it sounded tedious- One more step required, one more pot to wash= Not very appealing. However, I had a lot of time on hand one day and decided to try out a hokkaido milk bread recipe.… Continue reading Totoro Pull-apart Bread (Tangzhong method)

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Minced Pork with Chives recipe (苍蝇头)

I was first introduced to this dish during a work trip in Taiwan. It’s name isn’t exactly appealing. “苍蝇头” literally means “fly’s head”, derived from the black beans in the recipe that looked like the insect’s appendage. I fell in love with it at first bite. Little did I know, it’s so easy to make… Continue reading Minced Pork with Chives recipe (苍蝇头)

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My Love Affair with Kitchen Mixers

I just got myself a new toy. Cue the angels singing music. Yes, I did it. I spent an unholy $700 on this Kitchenaid Artisan mixer after spotting a fair deal on Qoo10. *guilty face* There’s no other good explanations for this splurge except I’m fulfilling an insatiable want and long awaited dream of a fancy baker. I bake… Continue reading My Love Affair with Kitchen Mixers

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Japanese Purple Sweet Potato Montblanc

I got some purple sweet potato from the supermarket recently and the colours are just so gorgeous I knew I had to make it into a dessert of some sort. At first I added it to a chocolate sponge cake… It’s superrrr filling for each slice cos well, sweet potato is very filling. I thought… Continue reading Japanese Purple Sweet Potato Montblanc

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Pandan Blueberry Cake recipe

I like the Pandan blueberry cake served at Cedele. This is my attempt at re-creating the flavours using a strawberry shortcake recipe as base. It also happens K was nursing a cold yet it’s his birthday so I thought some antioxidants will be good for him. 🙂 The funny thing is, I scoured the internet… Continue reading Pandan Blueberry Cake recipe