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Good Reads before giving Birth

Fancy reading up? If you live in Singapore, a rookie mom like myself, I suggest hitting the libraries before you click to buy. The NLB carries a decent collection you can borrow and save yourself that extra dollars. Some recommendations: 1. Babyfacts: The truth about your child’s health from Newborn thru Preschool Author: Dr William… Continue reading Good Reads before giving Birth

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What are the 3 essential items you can’t live without when having a baby?

I posed this question to all my married-with-babies friends from Singapore, besides some tongue in cheek answers, here’s the breakdown: 1. Diapers 2. Nursing bra/breastpads 3. Wet wipes Others: Milk powder, Pacifier, Baby sling, Ready hot water, Steam sterilizer, Abdominal binder etc… What about you? Share your thoughts with all other mommies! More threads here!