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Japanese Taiyaki & Odango Edible DIY Playset

I’ve seen these around and wanted to try it with O for the longest time~ It’s a DIY candy making kit that’s totally edible! K’s friend bought a Taiyaki & Odango version from Japan which only costs $3+ and we tried making it on Saturday afternoon. Note: K & I don’t understand Japanese, we followed… Continue reading Japanese Taiyaki & Odango Edible DIY Playset

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Why I’m proud of O, and it’s probably not what you think

Today, we received an email from O’s nursery school that ECDA’s CEO will be visiting them, thus timely attendance on that day is expected. The principal further added in the email, “we are confident that our children will impress them”, much to my chagrin.

When did my son become a tool to “impress” someone? Did the CEO not expect children to be, well, children?
And apparently one of the teachers bought a Lightning McQueen watch to “bribe” them, saying the watch will go to the best behaved child on the day of the CEO’s visit.
I was concerned about what my son thought about it, so I asked him. And the result was something quite unexpected.

Though I still wonder, will my son be as cool and collected when he realized the watch would not be for everyone?

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Just the 2 of us. Seoul, Korea

Before we had Oliver, traveling was a norm for me. It’s safe to say after a shuttling drought of 4 years, I was absolutely ecstatic about this trip. Look at me beaming from ear to ear. However, anything that can possibly go wrong for the start of this trip, went wrong. Firstly, K only put down… Continue reading Just the 2 of us. Seoul, Korea