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Why I’m proud of O, and it’s probably not what you think

Today, we received an email from O’s nursery school that ECDA’s CEO will be¬†visiting them, thus timely attendance on that day is expected. The principal further added in the email,¬†“we are confident that our children will impress them”, much to my chagrin.

When did my son become a tool to “impress” someone? Did the CEO not expect children to be, well, children?
And apparently one of the teachers bought a Lightning McQueen watch to “bribe” them, saying the watch will go to the best behaved child on the day of the CEO’s visit.
I was concerned about what my son thought about it, so I asked him. And the result was something quite unexpected.

Though I still wonder, will my son be as cool and collected when he realized the watch would not be for everyone?