US Trip December 2016- Transformers & Harry Potter Wizarding World @ Universal Studios

The Park is divided into Upper Lot and Lower Lot. At the Lower Lot, there’s Jurassic Park…

And Transformers!

You HAVE to check out the video cos they talk and Bumblebee’s really into character! LOL~

Absolutely cool isn’t it? They sounded just like in the movies!

The Transformers ride was also my favourite, being the right mix of exhilarating and fun!

Night fell and we headed back to Upper Lot as K and Oliver wanted to go on the “Flight of the Hippograph”. I wasn’t in the mood for roller-coasters so I strolled around taking pictures. Though I’m afraid these don’t really serve justice to the real thing~ It’s so much more magical in person!

The owls weren’t real, in case you’re wondering. šŸ™‚

Quidditch broomsticks!

I really appreciate the details they paid to this entire place~ The book moves!

Those are wands~

A.k.a where I succumbed to curiosity and bought a Butterbeer~

And promptly forgot to take a pic until I’m almost finished with it.

It’s actually pretty good? Very pricey at US$5.99 (which has since increased to $6.99). It’s like rootbeer but less gassy? More caramel-like?

Moving on… Dr Seuss Christmas tree!

The tree changes colours~

We also went on the Studio Tour~ Jimmy Fallon appears on screen to guide you through while you sit on the tram and rumbles through movie sets like Jaws, Fast & Furious etc.

My honest opinion? If you have time to kill, then try it.

Our dinner at Three Broomsticks. Nothing much to rave about, but it’s decent fare (but expensive, as with all things here). We had our 2nd butterbeer, just that it’s the warm version cos it’s getting colder and if I remember correctly, was the only hot beverage available.. Still delicious!

Adios Universal Studios! It was fun!

Our last day was spent at Farmer’s Market and the Grove~

Farmer’s market is totally a must-go! There’s so many stalls selling all sorts of food, you can even buy fresh meat and vegetables, sauces and condiments, I even got a mini pastel rainbow whisk.

You can take a tram from one end of the street to the other. Though walking isn’t painless cos there’s so many shops there including Pottery Barn, Sephora, Anthropologie (I bought some adorable cat pot holders) etc~

We had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory~

And a cheesecake to takeaway! It soooooo rich though~ I thought I was gona ooze calories merely from a few bites lol~

During the night, K wanted to check out a shoes store but it’s closed down already~ I did spot some lovely avant-garde shoes though~ Heh heh~

And that’s all for our US trip! If you want to check out all the posts, click on the US tag!

You might notice for these US posts, I didn’t offer much info on how-to-go’s etc, I wasn’t the one who did the planning this time, it’s my hubs~ LOL~

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