Just the 2 of us. Seoul, Korea- Last Days (Jimjilbang, Juno Hair salon, Lotte Mart)

So, this is the last entry for my Seoul trip.

And it’s time for R&R!

If you watch Korean shows, you would’ve come across this thing called “Jimjilbang”, basically they are public bathhouses furnished with hot tubs, saunas, cafeterias and resting areas where you can bathe, sleep and eat.

We visited Siloam Sauna near our apartment at Seoul Station. It’s pretty easy to find, just a road across Lotte Mart.

The receptionist ahjumma was efficiently welcoming and obviously no stranger to tourists as she directed us upstairs in simple English.

“Go up, change. Female, man, separate. Meet at floor two. Together.”

siloamUnfortunately, I got a bit confused at the second floor. There’s a row of lockers in front of me for the shoes and then more lockers inside that looked like that: siloam2It took me some time to figure out the area selling food and other stuff right next where the shoes were placed was also the reception I had to get the second locker’s key from.

After changing into the Siloam’s outfit (I opted to just change discreetly in the far corner instead of the bathroom), I explored the place a bit, scanning the stairways leading down to the baths before going up to meet K.

However, the husband was not visible anywhere and I waited quite a bit before he appeared and explained he thought I’ve gone ahead with the bath (conveniently forgetting I was having my period and obviously couldn’t go into the water).

Anyway, since we’re finally reunited, here’s a commemorative shot (the sheephead towel thing was totally his idea, I didn’t want to do it lol).

siloam3There’s a total of five floors in Siloam, the bath area, meeting place (with massage and nail art services) and cafeteria, recreational area (with really really old games like street fighter) and gym, saunas and the sleeping area.

We tried almost all the saunas (salt, charcoal) of different temperatures and I think the killer was this:

siloam8We barely lasted 5 minutes. K was slightly traumatized.

But then there’s the ice room:


siloam7Being a cryophilic, he was happily smiling whilst the photographer (me) was freezing to death.

But there’s always food to cheer me up.siloam5The portions were HUGE. I came to dislike naengmyeon (cold noodles) ‘cos they feel like octopus tentacles sliding down your throat. 

Very affordable though, about SG$6-7 per set.

After lazing almost half a day at Siloam, we headed down to Edae. Can you guess for what, just by looking at the pics below?juno





It’s for a haircut! Did you get that right? Haha~~

The cafe you see is part of the salon’s services, free of charge!


I was at Juno Hair outlet 2 for a Magic Straight treatment. My hair stylist was Jun K.

Now, although I have basic knowledge in Korean, it’s still difficult to explain properly once he started asking me about hair dyeing. Fortunately, there was a Chinese-Korean assistant at the salon and they told me it’s not advisable to do the Magic Straight and hair colouring on the same day due to the intense pressure on the hair.

So I chose to do the Magic Straight only whilst K waited for me at the side (he didn’t want to walk around okay).

Just a glimpse of what happened in the two & a half hours.


juno4I was chatting with the girl in my broken Korean and her trying her best in her haphazard English lol~ Though they did praise my Korean for being good! Haha~

It was mostly boring for K until we got to this part:

juno5I don’t really know how to explain all the things that’s happening on my head. Just, I wasn’t making the best faces lmao~ K was cracking up and gleefully taking pictures…

I really appreciated it when the refreshment came along:juno6IT’S HI-TEA FIT FOR A TAI-TAI!

Delicious orange muffins by the way (at least that’s what I think it was).

Can you believe that we actually didn’t remember to take a picture of the final hairdo after I’ve finished? Lol~

But anyway, to summarize my visit,

1. I really liked how I was attended to meticulously throughout the process. You know how in Singapore, sometimes the hair stylist just leaves you hanging there even after the beeper goes off or talks over your head like you’re invisible? NONE of that happened during my visit and they actually bothered to discuss with you thoroughly over the colours you wanna choose, bringing out photo examples in their IPad on the hairdo etc… I felt so pampered.

2. I hated the washing cubicle. It must be the MOST uncomfortable hairwash I’ve had MY ENTIRE LIFE. Like you don’t lie down to wash your hair, they have this head cushion thing whereby you sit down and lean your head back but the angle was just so awkward I felt my neck was breaking at the end of it all.

3. The end result was wondrous. So far I’ve only been receiving praise on the hair I’ve done and it wasn’t even my favourite. I don’t like curling my hair but everyone said it suits me including the hair stylist so I’m just like, ok, whatever, lol~

This was like the closest we got to a decent pic on the hairdo:

usJust a note though, the haircut was really expensive, like $299,000 krw (SG$370).

Juno Hair 
준오헤어 이대 2호점     서울시 서대문구 대현동 37-3


It was night time after the hair experience and we headed to Palsaik Samgyeopsal for dinner.

palsaek3This restaurants boasts of 8 different flavours of samgyeopsal (bbq meat) and is located in Sinchon. Obviously famous enough judging from the tv coverage:

palsaek4Again, we were surrounded by tourists and the staff were quick to offer us a seat and set down the vegetables once we ordered.palsaekThe staff helping to grill the meat.


The set included a seafood soup (which was a tad salty for my taste) and here’s our 8 flavours:


There’s curry, ginseng, pine, garlic, miso, spicy… But my favourite was the wine and herbs. Surprisingly, although that looked like a lot of meat, we finished everything.

For the variety and amount ($30k krw≈SG$40), it was very value for money!

Palsaik Samgyeopsal
18, Baekbeom-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul. Sinchon Station (Line 2 Exit 6)

For our last day in Seoul *sobs sobs*, we went grocery shopping at Lotte Mart.

Look at the husband hard at work…

lotteWe decided to ship 2 boxes back to Singapore via EMS ‘cos there’s not enough room in our luggage. Just note that the courier counter is on the same level where you pack your groceries at the far right.lotte1Secondly, you need to let the staff check which items are suitable for shipping before sealing the boxes. We made a mistake of taping them first before bringing to the counter and had to repack again.

One of the items not allowed was the banana milk in this packaging:

bananamilkWhich actually disappointed me to no end ‘cos this was the best banana milk we tasted in Korea but anyhoo~~ We brought back 3 packs of it in our check-in baggage instead.

But if you can help it, don’t ship it back to Singapore, ‘cos the first kg is already like $20 and our parcel, which weighs slightly over 10 kg, costs us $60. Ugh. Too bad our luggage really had no space.

I didn’t expect myself to bring back so much stuff to be honest, like look:kor




And this is only some of Oliver’s and my stuff lol~ I am weak…

Will probably do up a review of the notable cosmetics I brought back from Seoul when I’ve the time.

또 봐요!

Click here to see the rest of our Korea trip’s experience.



7 thoughts on “Just the 2 of us. Seoul, Korea- Last Days (Jimjilbang, Juno Hair salon, Lotte Mart)

  1. Worst experience ever in Juno Hair salon!

    So we read about how good they are on internet and all the blogs that recommend them. So me and my friends went to one of there salons , the one in Myeong- dong. We went with high expectation and ofcourse ready to get a real korean hair makeover.
    The place was nice, seems professional and great service. So we meet up with one of the head stylist Name KO EUN. Seem really nice and ask us what we wanted. My friend wanted a short hair cut with perm so it would look like all the korean Kpop male singer. Me I wanted cut my hair little bit shorter like chest length and perm that are big wawes/curls. So she asked us if we wanted the perm with extra treatment for the hair wich would cost some extra so we did.
    For my firend who had a male cut and perm it costed 240 000 won
    And for me chest lenght cut and perm with big waves 360 000 won

    It was really pricy I thought but then again you will have the most beautiful hair like all the korean actress/singers so we thuoght it would be worth it and also because this place is so famous and had such good reviews! But oh so wrong we had!!!

    The stylist( same Ko Eun ) cut both me and my firends hait, then she starts helping my friend with the perm, and for me she let one of the traine(!) works with the perm, I didn’t realize it first because I thuoght she would do the perm and the traine was only there to help her, but then she did came to me for about 5 minutes and then leave the rest to the trainee again. And when it all was done 2 traniees blow dry my hair and wel itt looks nice I guess, not really super nice like I hoped but ok. I had better with so much less the price.
    But still I was ok with it and my firends hair was really nice and she was really happy with her hair,
    We paid the money total 600 000 won( = 530 usd maybe)

    So this was on saturday and they told us not to wash the hair until the day after.
    So on monday I was my hair and blow dry it and BAM! It was Straight!! Like my natural hair which is always straight like that. No curls or any Waves at all!
    I new that something was not right, I had done perms before couple of times both with big waves and smal curls and never has it disappear like this just after 1 shower? Just like when using a regular curlmashine and when u whashed it it will disapear.
    I was really disapointed and wanted to go to them right away but couldn’t becoz I was going to have a surgery on that day and after the surgery I had to rest couple of days.
    And about my friend it was the same the waves was gone after one shower and she couldn’t go to them right away neither coz she had surgery too. So on friday we went to the salon again and meet the stylist Ko EUn .
    This is when the service went from 5star to zero!
    She regonize us and I told her about the problem. And this is what her excuse was my hair was yo dry and I shouldn’t blow dry it becoz the curls will be straighten out she told me to let it airdry!? I told her i don’t have time for that, Im a busy woman who wants to do the perm so I will have nice hair after the shower, do a little blow dry and then go to work. i dont have time to do any styling or put any wax on to make the curls be curl? I mean i had have perms before and ofcourse it will look nicer if you put some effort and time to it when blow dry your hair but if you only blow dry it it will still be curly not straight! She had tons of excuses and told me its not god if i would do the perm again and when i wanted my money for the perm back she suddenly couldn’t understand me and then have her phone to me so I could speak to one of her own costumer who could speak a little bit english. The costumer of course said same thing as the stylist and also told me that te stylist would do the perm for me again for free but. I have to pay the extra treatment so i wouldn’t damaged my hair! I refused and also when I told about my friends hair ( she was there to but was to tired after the surgery to argue) and she just had bad excuse that my friends hair was to thin?? Like first she had excuse for my hair was damaged and now my friends hair is to thin? And the she just didnt mention anthing more about my friends hair. And didn’t talk to me and just went to work with her costumer. and I even let then was my hair and they said it is waves anf curls when the hair is wet! But not when its het dry! The saw it with their own eyes yet they refused to pay us back! Or even wanted us yo pay extra if we wanted a treatment! It feels like the thuoght we where tourist and wanted to ripped us of and let the trainee do the job and then charged us overprice!

    So now Im really mad and don’t know what I should. Do , coz if. I do the free perm but no treatment then my hair will be so dry and if I don’t i feeel like im being ripped off!!

    I m really mad and just want to let you guys know before you chose a saloon like this!!


    1. Oh my, that sounds like a really nasty experience! I myself was perfectly satisfied with their service sans it being pricey but the perm lasted for at least a few months~ And I actually washed my hair the next day cos I couldn’t stand not washing it esp after walking around the whole day. So I really don’t know what happened with yours. In fact, it was so well done that almost all the people around me commented that it suited me and looked great. I mean, if it’s me, I’ll probably just take up their offer to see if it will help and I dunno about you, but locally, I’ll usually do both a treatment and perm/dye on the same day but when I was in Korea for this haircut, they suggested that if I do everything on the same day, it will be traumatizing to my hair so I just opted for magic straight and normal haircut. I didn’t have time to go back and do another treatment cos my holiday in Seoul was rather short. Subsequently, I came back to Singapore for a separate hair treatment a few weeks later.

      This was a pic 2 months after my perm (He only curled the ends of my hair) and as you can see, it’s still there even though I washed my hair everyday.


    2. Omg!! I had the same experience as urs! I Cldnt go bk and find them bcos it’s my last day in Korea tt i did the perm n cut! Mine cost me abt 600sgd! I did cperm, cut and dye, I Cldnt Rmb my stylist name. It’s my worst experience ever! Cann u imagine having a straight smooth ( waist length) hair into a shoulder length grass hair )): and I needa blow and tong whenever I head out )):


  2. Yes your curls looks pretty even after so long time! Thats how it suppose to be. So i’ll have to let them do it again just hope my hair dosent get destroy, but the part that i was mot dissapointed was they let a new trainee do my perm and wont admited their mistake even thuogh I have pictures taken when the tranee did my perm. So they should appologise instead making me the bad person :(. Btw im asian too with asian hair so,,

    Also the food you took at the BBQ looks so good maybe I’ll try it out 🙂


    1. Definitely! We wrapped it with plastic bags and hand carried it back. Thankfully it didn’t explode lol~ I have a friend who also brought the banana milk back in her luggage but exploded from the air pressure in the cabin. I’m not sure whether it was in her check in luggage or she handcarried though~


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